Momentum Fund #3 call for proposals

  • Dear Colleague and Friend,

    I am happy to share with you the Momentum Fund #3 call for proposals. As you may know, the Momentum Fund is active since Q1 2014 and since then has selected 12 projects and committed more than $10M in capital investment. This is not a trivial process by any means, neither for you as the scientist nor for us responsible at Ramot to bridge the gap to industry.

    Our joint unique efforts are starting to show early signs, which are promising. While one project was essentially stopped due to lack of sufficient progress, three projects out of the twelve have recently received significant interest from major industry players. If all goes well I hope to be able to share with you more information in the near future.

    Please see attached Call for Proposals (CFP) forms to apply for the next round of the Momentum Fund. This is an opportunity for you to make an impact on industry through the tight and extensive support of the Momentum Fund. Just do it!

    The objective is to develop your Promising Innovation and bring it to an advanced stage in which its commercialization value will be maximized, with greater success probability.

    Proposals that will meet the criteria will be presented to a group of industry experts (see attached the composition of the different committees)

    We would appreciate receiving your proposal by July 31th 2015, as specified in the attached CFP and submission form.

    Please do not hesitate to contact either Dr. Miriam Mangelus, Director of HealthCare technologies ( or Mr. Motti Bazar, Director of HighTech technologies ( or your Business Development officer for any clarifications.

    JUST DO IT :)!

    Best Regards,

    Shlomo Nimrodi
    Ramot, CEO
    Cell +972-544-955223

    Promising Innovations!

    Call For Proposals - July 2015

    MF Application Template