Biomed 2015: Congratulations to Quiet Therapeutics

  • Ramot at Tel Aviv University, congratulate Quiet Therapeutics for winning the first place at the WOW Competition, at the Startup Pavilion in Biomed 2015.
    The Startup Pavilion was sponsored by the Office of the Chief Scientist and MATIMOP Israeli Industry Center for R&D. 45 startups seeking partnerships or investments showed off their innovative ideas in the sub-fields of biotech/pharma, medical devices, health IT/digital health and service providers.
    Two of the startups shared first place in the pavilion’s WOW Competition: Quiet Therapeutics, pioneer of targeted and safe delivery of therapeutics; and Medasense Biometrics, a medical-device company developing a continuous and noninvasive pain-monitoring device, were chosen as Innovative Companies of the Year.
    Quiet Therapeutics, founded in 2010, is based on the targeting capability of the innovative  technology of Prof. Rimona Margalit and Prof. Dan Peer from Tel Aviv University, which has been licensed by Ramot.
    The company is well positioned to expand the drug target repertoire in cancer and inflammation.  
    Ramot is Tel Aviv University's technology transfer company and its liaison to industry, bringing promising scientific innovations made at the university to commercialize with industry. The company provides the legal and commercial frameworks for inventions made by TAU faculty, students and researchers, protecting discoveries and innovations with patents and working jointly with industry to bring scientific innovations to the market.