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Self Assembled Peptide Hydrogel

The Technology A breakthrough Self Assembled Peptide Hydrogel (SAPH) has been developed. SAPH is a safe, self-assembled, biocompatible, remarkably strong hydrogel with modulated stability that is suitable for various medicinal and cosmetic... Read More >

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Very Short Peripheral Catheter for Reduction of Thrombosis

The Invention A peripheral infusion catheter with a very short cannula which significantly reduces the occurrence of inflammation and thrombosis in patients. Protuberations on the cannula prevent unwanted release of the catheter while... Read More >

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System to Map Neuropathy in Extremities of Diabetic Patients

The Invention The invention is a new and objective device for detecting diabetic neuropathy in the feet which are by far the most common points for loss of nerve activity in diabetic patients. It consists of an array of computer-controlled... Read More >

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CT Image Single Display and Contrast Enhancement

The Invention An improved algorithm for handling CT scan information which enables the display of all relevant anatomical features in a single image. Potential Applications CT scans are a basic tool of most medical centers and... Read More >

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Passive Accurate Detection of Elderly Patient Falling Events

The Invention A very accurate method utilizing a combination of non-intrusive installed vibration detectors and microphones to detect the fall of humans in the domicile. Potential Applications The device is useful for individuals... Read More >

An MRI technique for imaging of pathologies of collagen, myelin and amyloid plaques

The TechnologyCharacterization of pathologies related to macromolecules (MM) can now be carried out in a more comprehensive manner using these new MRI sequences. For example: Collagen in connective tissue and myelin in the nerves of brain and... Read More >

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An Innovative Implant for Treating Glaucoma

The Invention The Glaucoma Implant is a new shunt that eliminates the complications created by devices currently in use and it may eliminate the need for repeat surgeries. It is small in size, easy to implant and thus causes less discomfort for... Read More >

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Surface Plasmon Amplification of stimulated emission

We make a step towards quantum nanoplasmonics: surface plasmon fields of a nanosystem are quantized and their stimulated emission is considered. We introduce a quantum generator for surface plasmon quanta and consider the phenomenon of surface... Read More >

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Sensory Vision Apparatus for the Blind

Noninvasive Sensory Vision Substitution Device for Blind People - a technology developed with Prof. Zalevsky Zeev from Bar Ilan University. Additional information can be provided upon request. Read More >

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Low energy laser bio-stimulation of bone marrow stem cells for the treatment of myocardial infarction

The Device rLLLT is a remote (non-invasive) Low Level Laser Therapy to the tibia of AMI patients. rLLLT mobilizes autologous bone marrow stem cells into the blood stream, where they home to the ischemic organ, induce paracrine secretion of... Read More >